MMJ Live Vol. 2: Chicago 2021 3LP

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Release Date: October 21, 2022

The second release in My Morning Jacket’s “MMJ Live” series

Recorded live at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL on Nov 5th, 2021 and featuring a setlist of career highlights - from recent tracks "Love Love Love" and "Complex" to classics like "Dondante", "Mahgeetah" and "Phone Went West"


Side A

Victory Dance (Live)
It Beats for You (Live)
Love Love Love (Live)
Magic Bullet (Live)

Side B
Laylow (Live)
Lowdown (Live)
Masterplan (Live)
Complex (Live)

Side C
Bermuda Highway (Live)
If All Else Fails (Live)
I Think I’m Going To Hell (Live)
Compound Fracture (Live)

Side D
Never In The Real World (Live)
Easy Morning Rebel (Live)
Mahgeetah (Live)
Holdin On To Black Metal (Live)

Side E
Dondante (Live)
Heartbreakin Man (Live)

Side F
Rollin Back (Live)
Phone Went West (Live)