It Still Moves Reissue Vinyl

It Still Moves Reissue Vinyl

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My Morning Jacket's 2016 re-release of It Still Moves

4-LP set on 180-gram black vinyl in a gatefold jacket + digital download card

  • The original album newly remixed and remastered
  • 13 previously unreleased B-sides and demos
  • Brand new artwork including never before seen photos
  • 4 x 180-gram LP set in a gatefold jacket


Side A
A1 Mahgeetah
A2 DanceFloors
A3 Golden

Side B
B1 Master Plan
B2 One Big Holiday
B3 I Will Sing You Songs

Side C
C1 Easy Morning Rebel
C2 Run Thru
C3 Rollin Back

Side D
D1 Just One Thing
D2 Steam Engine
D3 One In The Same

Side E
E1 En La Ceremony
E2 Grab A Body
E3 That’s Too Bad

Side F
F1 Mahgeetah (Demo)
F2 Dancefloors (Demo)
F3 Golden (Demo)

Side G
G1 Master Plan (Demo)
G2 I Will Sing You Songs (Demo)
G3 Easy Morning Rebel (Demo)
G4 Run Thru (Demo)

Side H
H1 Rollin Back (Demo)
H2 Steam Engine (Demo)
H3 One In The Same (Demo)