Okonokos 4xLP Live Album (2021 Reissue)

Okonokos 4xLP Live Album (2021 Reissue)

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My Morning Jacket's 2006 release of Okonokos, released on 12/17

  • Four uniquely colored black/neon mix LP’s in a hardbound, eight-panel LP jacket
  • Two previously unreleased bonus tracks, “How Do You Know” and “Bermuda Highway”
  • Exclusive new photos and artwork
  • Four custom inner-sleeves
  • Recorded live November 11-12, 2005 at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA


Side A 

A1 Wordless Chorus
A2 It Beats For You
A3 Gideon
A4 One Big Holiday

Side B

B1 I Will Sing You Songs
B2 Lowdown
B3 The Way He Sings

Side C 

C1 At Dawn
C2 Golden
C3 What A Wonderful Man
C4 Off The Record

Side D 

D1 Laylow
D2 Dondante

Side E

E1 Run Thru
E2 Xmas Curtain
E3 O Is The One That Is Real

Side F

F1 Steam Engine
F2 Dancefloors

Side G 

G1 Where To Begin
G2 Sooner
G3 Strangulation

Side H

H1 I Think I'm Going To Hell
H1 Anytime
H2 Mahgeetah
H4 How Do You Know
H5 Bermuda Highway